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Throwback: The girls presenting Naughty Boy with his MOBO award last year.

23rd Sep 2014 5:27pm 1 week ago 1 note
Anonymous asked: Are they releasing new material anytime soon?

Something is definitely coming our way. 

04th Sep 2014 10:18pm 3 weeks ago 0 notes

LMAO !!! We hate Spiders!!! 

23rd Aug 2014 4:53pm 1 month ago 16 notes

Ok so I got nominated to do the Ice bucket challenge for charity by @young_spray 😂😂 so here we go ….. I nominate @keishabuchanan [etc.] 😂 😂 🙌

22nd Aug 2014 12:33am 1 month ago 8 notes

Thank you Mutya for the nomination! Now @katyb it’s your turn mama! You have 24 hours from now! #ALSCHALLENGE #Frozen ALS

22nd Aug 2014 12:33am 1 month ago 8 notes
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Keisha Buchanan: We’ve been singing with each other since we were 12 :) Effortless blend❤️ Did anyone else notice how I almost forgot the lyrics & had to lip read Siobhan though?!!

Ed Drewett: So just posted this… A little teaser of a song myself & the girls wrote x it’s stunning

31st Jul 2014 8:57pm 2 months ago 26 notes

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